What is a Right Hand?

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of every generation, but they don't do it alone. They usually find their success in working with a second, an aide de camp, a right hand. This person is a combination advisor, administrator, assistant, and most of all – an activator. The right hands of the world use their myriad skills to offer organization, communication, and support, enabling their entrepreneurs' ideas to come to life.

Are you a Right Hand?

Do you collect skills? Can you walk into a room and immediately organize it? Do you prioritize to-do lists in your sleep? Are you the family vacation planner? Is color coding your love language? Do you love the smell of fresh post-its in the morning? Would you rather be behind-the-scenes than on-stage? Do small businesses get you going?


I can help you. I offer classes, consultation, and ongoing education to teach you how to take those seemingly disparate talents and hone them into specific and practical skills that will support and activate small business owners.


Take a class. Read. Ask.



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I am a Right Hand.

my name is beth

I am a recovering theatre person who has made a career out of activating, organizing, and managing small businesses and entrepreneurs - the heroes of the business world. Along the way, I realized that my background in the arts had perfectly supplied me with the off-kilter skills, organizational talents, and temperament needed to become more than an administrator, office manager, or personal assistant. It had prepared me to manage superheroes. 

And I can teach you how.

You want more info? Ok! After being involved in theatre from a young age, I got my BA in Communications from Calvin College in Grand Rapids Michigan, with an emphasis in theatre. My focus was directing and stage management. After marrying a hot young actor, we moved to Columbus to attend The Ohio State University and get our Masters in theatre history, literature, and criticism. I had had enough of academia at that point, and found a job soon after as an event planner and producer.

Soon after, I became a right hand for an entrepreneur in the arts district of Columbus and worked at growing his brand and businesses for 5 years, at the same time co-founding Wild Goose Creative, our non-profit arts company. I moved on to become a right hand for a graphic designer, and then onto my current position of Right Hand for Igloo Letterpress in Worthington. I also sit on the board of directors for the Old Worthington Partnership