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Influencers: Working with Brands (webinar)

Influencers: Working with Brands
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April 16th 6:30 - 8pm Webinar

Now through May, enjoy special sale pricing as we try out a new format for this class!

Blogging, independent journalism, and social media have been ways for many people to find their voice and build an audience. These people, who have come to be known generally as influencers, interact with a large and engaged following, and have changed the landscape of marketing and PR in recent years. If you’re looking to expand your blog or social media content and presence, this class will discuss best practices and offer practical examples of how to be an authentically engaged influencer, such as:

·      pitching brands, including outreach e-mails and media kits

·      creating different levels of sponsorship and engagement with brands

·      developing and maintaining your voice, including how to choose collaborations that fit your brand (aka when is okay to work for exposure, and when isn’t it?)

Nick and Beth Dekker met in their college theatre company almost 20 years ago. Between the two of them, they’ve got five degrees, two kids, and one lazy Yellow Lab. Nick’s has worked as a university lecturer, arts administrator, and food/travel writer, while Beth has managed small businesses and served as a tourism director. In 2007, with four of their college friends, they found Wild Goose Creative, a non-profit arts company that hosted exhibitions, performances, workshops, storytelling, concerts, and everything in-between. Over the years, the blog has become a family adventure, as they to explore the hidden gems wherever travel, to be tourists in their hometown, and to instill a love of exploration in their boys. Nick and Beth have become passionate about helping people start and develop small businesses, learn to market themselves, and learn how to successfully collaborate with media of all types.

·      optimizing your website and social media to be attractive to companies

·      keeping up standards in writing, posting, and FTC compliance

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